The eTrac platform provides a customisable framework allowing rapid development of unique solutions that collect, process, store, and report on all forms of data.

The eTrac (Electronic Transaction Reporting and Access Control) platform was born after noticing common elements that existed throughout several otherwise unrelated turnkey development projects. These elements were identified, then redeveloped from the ground up in a modular fashion to produce the eTrac framework.

The framework is ideally suited to applications which require centralised reporting, monitoring, and control of systems and processes at remote sites.

Administrative control is primarily provided through a web based interface, just one of the many components of the framework. Other components include electronic hardware, client and server software modules, and databases.

Each individual component is modular within itself to allow customisation for specific applications, whilst also allowing access to common features such as hierarchical access control, customisable dashboards, detailed reporting capabilities, and SMS / email notifications triggered by events.

The eTrac platform has been used to develop solutions for a wide variety of applications including:







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