EM Controls

Excellence in turnkey system development and product manufacture.

Our Brands

Intelligent Solutions

The eTrac platform provides a customisable framework allowing rapid development of unique solutions that collect, process, store and report on all forms of data.

Safe, Precise & Eco-friendly

The Linmast Induction Heater is an efficient, safe and precise method for heating of bearings and other industrial fitting applications.

About EM Controls


Established in 1999, EM Controls developed the the Linmast Induction heater from a Sydney based Research and Development (R&D) centre before upgrading to a facility with full manufacturing capabilities.

In 2012, EM Controls acquired SCUZ Technologies to pursue opportunities in information technology solutions. Later in 2015, a new R&D centre was established in Norwest Business Park to facilitate the development of the eTrac platform.

Business Objectives

EM Controls has an ongoing commitment to provide a range of quality systems and products that meet the requirements of business and industry. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, then develop superior solutions that are efficient and effective.


EM Controls has extensive experience in developing solutions that integrate with existing systems and have a solid track record of providing solutions to both small and large business. Our products are used both domestically and internationally, exported to markets in North America, Asia Pacific, China and India.

We have experience in a wide variety of environments including commercial, education, industrial, and mining. We work with a wide range of technologies covering mechanical, electrical and software disciplines and have developed relationships with specialised talent throughout the world, with whom we can collaborate when needed.